Make something cool, tinker and learn, and take it home.

What is STEAM Camp?

While at STEAM camp, students ages 6-10 make customized tech projects. They learn about design, engineering, science, and applied mathematics. The registration fee includes project materials, and students take home their completed projects at the end of the session. Our teachers are professional educators with decades of experience and expertise in mathematics, technology, and design.


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SpaceLab gels well with area’s manufacturing history.

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Why enroll in our STEAM education?

When students follow steps and use pre-engineered materials, they often get a superficial science and technology experience. Consider whether your student knows how each component of their most recent project works and how they function together.

Our making process is different. Students are introduced to project aims, design constraints, and necessary tools. Then, they do the design work, problem solving, and making.

When students have control over decision making, students learn academic skills that cross content areas. Skills include problem solving, engineering, iterative design, and systems thinking. Discussions amongst students encourage collaboration and communication skills. Beyond these 21st century skills, students also garner perseverance and a sense of agency.

More Information

If you have additional questions about the program, e-mail us at [email protected].

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